Tuesday, October 23, 2018

"Just A" Recorder Play-Along Video!

Hi everyone!! Here is a video of me playing Recorder for "Just A" ! Please play along!!

You may also want to check out the MusicplayOnline Website and click on the Recorder section! 

You will need to login to access the site, the login information is: 

Login name: Student
Password: Music18

Have fun and happy practicing!!! 

Mrs. Jacobson

"Just A" Rhythm Only!

Hi everyone!! 

Here is a video of me saying the rhythm for "Just A" for our yellow belts!!
Please do this video first before moving on to the next!! 

Happy practicing! 

Mrs. Jacobson

Thursday, October 4, 2018

White Belt - "Just B"

Hi everyone!!

Here is the video for our White Belt and the song for white is "Just B". It's the very first song in our book!! Good luck with the practicing!! :)

Mrs. J

Green Belt - Starlight!

Hi everyone! Here is the song, Starlight, for you to practice with! Have fun! Mrs. Jacobson