Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Just G Recorder Practice!

Hi everyone! Here is me playing "Just G" - play along with me!! 

Have a wonderful winter break! 

Mrs. J

Just G Rhythm Practice Only!

Hi everyone!
Here is the rhythm only for "Just G"! Happy practicing!!

Mrs. J

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A + B Blues Recorder Practice !

Hi Everyone!

Here is the video of me playing the song on recorder, please follow along in your books, and then play along with me!!

Happy Practicing!!

Mrs. Jacobson

A and B Blues - Orange Belt! Note Naming and rhythm practice!

Hi Everyone! Please find here a video of me saying the notes for the song A + B Blues as well I say the notes in rhythm! Say the notes along with me before you practice the song with your recorder!

Happy Practicing!

Mrs. Jacobson

Hi Everyone! Good luck practicing this tricky little song! You will probably find that you will enjoy playing it a LOT once you get the...